Pesky leaks can become more than a hassle when left unchecked for too long. If you suspect a water leak in your home, your best move is to schedule residential plumbing services right away. Water damage leads to unpleasant odors and major mildew and mold growth, not to mention costly repairs and skyrocketing utility bills. While some leaks announce themselves loud and clear and are quite obvious to find, others are a bit more elusive. In this post, our experts share 5 ways to find hidden water leaks in your home. Read on to learn how you can become the leak-locating legend you were born to be.

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Locate Hidden Leaks: Our Top 5 Tips

The first areas to check for a leak are also the most obvious ones. This means checking underneath sinks and behind cabinets for signs of water, water damage or mold and mildew growth. Unfortunately, leaks aren’t always that easy to find. Homeowners who suspect a leak but are unable to find it can try the following methods:

1. Check Your Water Bill

If you notice you’re shelling out more for water than you’re used to, take a look at the last few months’ worth of water bills. A steady rise in costs when your water usage habits haven’t changed could indicate a slow leak, while a sudden spike in costs points to a serious issue. This could mean you’re dealing with an underground leak. It’s wise to call a professional plumber right away to evaluate your pipes. 

2. Monitor Your Meter

If you suspect a water leak but you’re just not sure, your water meter can settle the debate. To use this method of water-leak detection, ensure that all faucets are shut off and that the dishwasher and washing machine aren’t running. Next, check your water meter for changes. If it moves, a fast-moving leak is the likely culprit. If it does not change, wait two hours and check again. If it’s changed by then, you have a slow leak on your hands. Either scenario warrants a call to your local Ardmore plumber right away.

3. Reflect on Your Water Usage  

The US Environmental Protection Agency reports that water usage for a family of four shouldn’t exceed 12, 000 gallons per month. If your water bill seems astronomically high, you might be using more water than is appropriate for the size of your household. If your faucet-faring habits are on the consevative side and you’re still paying top dollar, you’re probably losing water to a hidden leak. A plumber can evaluate your pipe problems and repair them right away.

4. Check Outdoor Faucets 

“Out of sight, out of mind” means it’s easy to forget about outdoor spigots. An easy way to check for outdoor faucet leaks is to attach a garden hose to the faucet, turn on the water and watch to see if water drips through the connection while turned on. 

Homeowners with irrigation systems installed in their yards should check these for leaks as well and have them inspected by a professional plumber on an annual basis. Massive amounts of water can be lost due to an irrigation leak. Not only does this lead to higher utility bills, it can cause major water and property damage if ignored.

5. The Toilet Test

If you’ve exhausted yourself trying to locate a leak you know is there, may we suggest the toilet test? A toilet tank leak can allow water to make its way from the tank into our toilet bowl and down the drain without anyone flushing the toilet. While this won’t present itself as an obvious leak, it’ll show up on your water bill. 

To test for a leaky toilet tank, simply add a few drops of food coloring to the water in your tank, then wait 10 minutes and check to see if any of the coloring makes its way into the toilet bowl. If it does, you’ll want to phone a professional plumber immediately.

Keep an Eye on Old Plumbing

If your home is older than 25 years, your plumbing system may be nearing the end of its lifespan. Proactive replacement can help you save thousands of dollars in repair work and potential water damage. If your system’s not ready to give up the ghost quite yet, consider scheduling annual maintenance and inspections by your local plumber to stay ahead of problematic pipes. It’s also a good idea to make a habit out of checking your faucets and inspecting the areas behind cabinets and underneath sinks for signs of dampness or mold on a regular basis, whether you suspect an active leak or not.

Once you’ve located a leak, have a pro plumber take a look. Well-intended homeowners might want to DIY plumbing repairs, but this runs the risk of delaying an inevitably bigger problem down the line. In the worst case scenario, at-home repairs can end up damaging your plumbing system, costing you far more than a simple leak repair might have. Professional plumbers are fully trained, licensed and insured to perform repair work and always have the necessary, specialized equipment on hand. 

For more information on water leaks and plumbing maintenance, check out our blog. Our posts are chock-full of great tips and tricks to help you save water, diagnose issues and understand when it’s time to skip the troubleshooting and call a professional. 

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