Do you smell a trash-like smell in your home that you can’t seem to find the cause of? If this is the case, you might have a problem with your plumbing system. The most common issue with plumbing is the buildup of bacteria that results in the smell of sewage. The issue to watch out for is a break in the pipeline because this is where things can go bad. Call in an expert if you do not know where the smell is coming from or you fear that your pipeline has a leak. 

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Nervous about the smell of your plumbing system? Continue reading to determine where the smell might be coming from. 

1. Garbage Disposal Needs to be Cleaned 

If you are smelling weird smells coming from your kitchen sink, the reason may be your garbage disposal. Tossing everything into the garbage disposal overtime can lead to nasty build up of food and debris. This nasty food build up will develop an unpleasant aroma that will need to be taken care of quickly. 

Before attempting to clean your garbage disposal, make sure that the power is unplugged. Leaving it on is a great risk of safety. To clean the disposal, grab soap and a sponge to clean out all the debris build-up. Another natural solution is to use baking soda and vinegar. 

2. Breach Issues in the Sewer Line

A pipe breach in the sewer line is a disastrous issue that can cause plenty of damage and is very costly to fix. Smelling sewage usually means that there is an underlying issue that needs to be fixed. A pipe breach is due to cracks which can happen because of:

  • Clogs that increase the pressure in the pipes which leads to cracking and line bursting
  • Tree roots spreading and probing through the pipeline 
  • The pipeline sinks into the ground and splits 

If you have a broken sewer line it essentially means that sewage is leaking from the pipes. Unfortunately the only way to fix a pipe breach in your sewer line is to call a plumbing company for sewer services

3. Build-Up of Biofilm and Bacteria 

A smelly plumbing system is not an enjoyable experience. The build-up of biofilm and bacteria is a very common cause of this smelly situation. Looking at this closely, the bacteria and biofilm is all from items that are washed down the drain like personal care items, dirt, or even hair. The waste dripping into the drain may get trapped, thus the residue develops into a biofilm residue. The smell is not from the biofilm, but actually the bacteria. 

This is easy to clean and get rid of, so no need to pull out the chemical cleaners just yet. Pour a couple cups of hot water down the drain, followed by white vinegar and baking soda. After letting this mixture sit, wash it down with another couple cups of hot water. If this solution does not resolve your issue, you might want to call a residential plumbing team to clear your drains. 

4. P-trap Pipe Issues

Issues with the p-trap pipe can be located in many parts of your home. The p-trap pipe is shaped like a “p” or a “u”and sits underneath any plumbing fixture. It’s responsibility is to prevent odors from escaping into your living space. The pipe holds enough water to do this. 

However, in areas of the house that are not frequently used, the p-trap pipe will dry out. When there is no water in this pipe it will not block the smells of sewage, gas or other odors. These smells are not pleasant, so an easy thing to remember is to flush or cycle these fixtures frequently. Running the water will let it drain and the p-trap pipe should fill up with water.

5. Clogged Drains

Smelling something funny in your drains can be the result of a clogged drain. A clog in the drain is usually composed of hair products, hair and other things. After a while this pile of hair starts to smell because of the bacteria growing on the clog. This nasty odor will smell like sewage but do not worry because chances are your pipeline is okay. 

To clear the clog, you can use a residential plumbing drain snake and pull the clog out. However, if the clog is too deep within the pipes, a professional plumber will have to come to the rescue. The experts will have to use their specialized equipment like a commercial sized drain snake to go deep into the pipes to pull out the clog. 

6. Loose Seals 

Smelling sewage in your toilet is the result of loose or broken seals. The toilet drains are sealed in two places and if something is improperly tightened or if it is broken the smell of sewage could be leaking into your bathroom. If you are unsure if a seal is not working, check the toilet bowl. If the toilet bowl does not fill up all the way, it is a good indication that the seal is broken. 

To fix this issue, you can apply caulk to the seals. This is an easy and cost effective way to fix loose seals. However, if the seals are broken or there is an underlying issue, a plumber should be called in to help. 

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