Do you wash your dishes by hand or do you use the dishwasher? This basic question can tell you how you may be unconsciously wasting water. Water is one of the most wasted substances in a home. Common household chores and lawn care often contribute to water waste and increase your water bill. Scheduling maintenance for faulty leaks and outdated equipment can help to save you money and water in the long run. 


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Keep reading to find out the common ways that you may be wasting water in your home.

Washing Dishes 

In many households, washing the dishes means either washing them by hand or loading up the dishwasher. Washing by hand can help you save water if you use these helpful tricks. Consider filling up the sink with water and soap with a drain stopper. This keeps running water to a minimum so that you use only the essential amount. If your household prefers to use the dishwasher, make sure to fill it up to the maximum to guarantee that water is not wasted. These tips are easy to implement into daily habits which will help you to save gallons of water in the long run. 

Laundry Cycles  

Did you know that a cycle of laundry can use up to 35 gallons of water or more? Of the easiest ways to help limit water waste is to make sure that the load is full. This can be one of the hardest habits to break. This is especially true if you have a busy day and need to only wash a few items. Just one or two full cycles a week is more cost-effective than multiple smaller loads. Upgrading your laundry machine can also help to be more energy efficient. 

Long Showers and Baths 

Having a long and hot shower sounds luxurious after a long day. Although this habit is relaxing, it may be significantly contributing to water waste in your home. Instead, try to incorporate shorter showers with warm water in your daily routine. Replacing your shower head to a more efficient one, like a low flush showerhead, can help to save up to 800 gallons of water per month. For baths, using less water when necessary can be beneficial for saving water. Keeping these tips in mind can help to save water and lower your water bill. 

Faulty Plumbing 

Do you have high utility bills? You might have some leaky faucets and pipes that need to be repaired. Leaky faucets and pipes can do major damage to your home and your next pay stub. Have a professional technician, from an affordable plumbing service, come into your home to complete necessary residential plumbing repair. This will increase the efficiency of your faucets and equipment. In turn this will decrease the amount of water being wasted and help to lower your utility bill. 

Updating Equipment 

Older equipment often uses a lot more water than the energy and water efficient equipment of today. Conventional toilets do not have the upgrades that many newer models have. Newer models can have a low-flush feature or energy efficient installation that can help to save water and money. For washing machines, upgrading to a front loading system is a great way to conserve water. To install a newer model toilet or washing machine, contact your local plumber for more information on plumbing installations

Unconscious Habits 

Having the faucet running while brushing your teeth or shaving your face can waste up to two gallons of water every minute. This simple and unconscious habit can turn out to be an expensive one. The next time that you are brushing your teeth, simply shut off the water while not in use. Adapting this habit is more beneficial for your next water bill. Another water-wasting habit is leaving the faucet running while washing dishes by hand. An easy solution is to fill the sink with water and soap without leaving the water running.While these may seem like insignificant practices, they make a big impact on your water bill.

Overwatering Lawns 

In the summer, overwatering your lawn may seem like the best option because it is dry and hot. However, during these hot days most of the water will be evaporated and not absorbed into the ground. Instead, try to water your lawn and plants during the early morning. The early morning is when it is not as hot and your grass is more likely to take in the water.  These easy lawn care tips can help to conserve water when taking care of your beautiful landscaping. 

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